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Many thanks to JD and all of the weblogs.us team. Awesome, awesome service!!!!
Best Wishes

Hello JD, Thanks a lot for your help and prompt response. I am overwhelmed by your response time and solution to the problem. It is such a pleasure to be associated with people who are so responsive and helping. Once again, Thanks a lot!
Regards, Kevin

Hey JD, Thanks so much for the prompt response. It always give you extra zest to blog more when the host is as supportive as you are. Amazing. I don't think I've got such quick and appropriate response from any service provider for any product or service for that matter. I hope we have a long association.

Hi J.D., I would like to say thank you so muchhhh to you 10000 times. And I am thankful for your kindness, your time. Best wishes to you. And have a great weekend!
Yours, Cuong Dang

thanx for the prompt response.really appreciate it.u guys are doing a great job,bet u hear that frm everyone.well it wouldnt heart to give u another pat on the back. =D
Basically & Simplistically, Alwyn

JD, as you know I have used weblogs.us to host my various thoughts, pictures, and ramblings for years. It allows the ease of blogging on WordPress based software but enables more complex back-end operations for those of us not satisfied with the stock blog. I've been impressed with the server speed, the assistance available when requested, and the willingness to contribute this asset to the net for free. For me, it means an ability to stay a little closer with friends and family around the world. I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate weblogs.us.
Best regards, -Jesse

Wooow JD,
That was more then I was hoping for! Thank you VERY much for this wonderful support !!!!

Greets, depblog

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I made my first post, setup all my settings, and am off to the races

Hey Guys! I just got access to my blog this morning and am I ever hooked!!! I took to it like a duck takes to water! I want to thank you so much for providing this free setup and hosting. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with the world. Thanks again!!!

Thanks JD for you timely support and detailed responses. It was a BIG help!
Sincerely, Todd @ TradeWindsImports.com

Thanks, JD, for posting the very first comment on my website, and for simultaneously violating my rule #4. I'm just kidding. You can't talk about much without beer in it. You're website's where it all started. I owe ya a lot, bud.

This has been the best customer service I have ever received from an entity online, and we don't even have a binding contract except for your word. Your response time is amazing and you are very hospitable. If you ever need a favor of me, please don't hesitate to ask.

Like Blog*Spot, only slightly less lame.
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